Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wolfgang Carter - Connected

Real Name: Mike Heinrich
Artist Name: Wolfgang Carter
Artist Type: Musician
Main Genre: Rock
Description: Independent songwriter, guitarist and singer serving up a special blend of head food and skull candy for your listening pleasure. Currently recording new songs at home and posting them on my blog @ while my first CD, entitled "Naked", is being mixed down and mastered for release. I enjoy writing songs and for the most part I use personal experience as the subject matter for the songs I have written. So far all the songs I have released on the net are about the things and the people in my life. The songs on my upcoming CD can be heard on ReverbNation @ or on MySpace @

Contact Info:


"My first ever visit to Carter's website introduced me to one of the most professional looking blogspot sites on the net. Instantly that told me this guy has his stuff together. I was now excited to listen to what Wolfgang Carter had to present to the floor. It is an understatement when I say that his music is the pure essence of what rock IS: Flowing guitar melodies, great vocals, and a drummer with the capabilities to make it nearly impossible to keep your foot from tapping against the floor. I have never seen Wolfgang Carter preform in person but definitely plan to! But when I picture him preforming I picture him on stage at a popular local bar late at night, and then at the same time I picture the stage turning a full 180 to reveal a crowd of a couple thousand." --Dave L. (Founder of RAI)


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