Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inner City Elegance - Connected

Inner City Elegance

Main Genre: Rock / Emo Rock

Snippet From Inner City Elegance's MySpace Page:

"Inner City Elegance isn’t far off either; this three piece is taking off in Calgary. With Internet radio play along with air play on Fuel 90.3 this band can get your attention. Lead singer and guitarist Bruno thrills the ladies with his accent and does not disappoint with his voice. Spencer sings back up and demolished the drums with an entertaining spectacle, and Justin rocks bass and backing vocals while driving the songs along. " -Aurgasimicalgary

"Imagine if Led Zeppelin played emo rock, the result could very well be Canadian rockers Inner City Elegance. This band truly sound fresh with entertaining songs that are almost artrock, they've got the same energy as The Who but with Talking Heads sense of humour. At the same time, they also bring thoughts to modern bands like Retrograde and Circa Survive. So you see, it's not easy to label their music. It's pretty exciting though to think how they came up with this odd sound, my guess is that one of the members loves 70's rock while one of the others loves alternative rock and the remaining member is a fan of progressive music. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to their debut EP."

"A band that really has their stuff together. After crawling around on the Internet for over 2 months now trying to find the hottest bands ready to jump into the big time, Inner City Elegance has made an impression on me. Not only with their music but with how they manage themselves. Being a former Band Manager I understand how difficult it is for a band just starting out and I know how hard it is even after that to continue to grow in the public' eyes. Someone once said to me 'Making The Music Is the Easy Part, the Hard Part is Getting People To Listen To It.' I believe Inner City Elegance has succeeded in doing just that." Dave L. (Founder of Rising Artists International)

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