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Saturday, February 20, 2010

DJ Geist13 - Connected

Sample Track: DJ Geist13 - Wind Chyme

- Main Genre: Electronic
- Website:

Short Bio: (Description)
DJ Geist13 was born in Southern New Jersey , and has lived there ever since. It was during his middle school career when he was first introduced to electronic music. Some of his first influences include Tiesto, Benny Benassi, and The Prodigy. Starting in the summer of 2008 Dave was introduced to the Melbourne Shuffle by his best friend since pre-school. That day marked a turn of fate for Dave, his boring life style of regular pop music would change forever.  DJ Geist13 DJ’d his first gig that summer with a laptop and VDJ Ver. 4 (at age 16). It was low-tech but successful!  After that, new equiptment was purchased and the DJ career was off to the races. Since then DJ Geist13 (locally known as DJ Dave) has preformed at multiple parties and numerous events around the east coast.Currently, DJ Geist13 has produced over 20 original tracks and countless remixes. He aspires to become a internationally recognized DJ. It has been his dream for many years and that dream will never die!


Steph Marziano - Connected

Steph Marziano
Recording Artists
Recording Studio

Steph Marziano first got started in music taking drum lessons at the age of thirteen. Her high school music technology class helped her find her passion in recording and sound engineering. When Steph was sixteen she was accepted into the Drexel Music Industry summer program. She was taught by Philadelphia recording engineers, Jim Salamone and David Ivory. There she learned the essentials of recording and mixing. Now, Steph works as a freelance recording engineer, recording mostly rock and pop bands. She uses Logic, reason, and protools (essential software). She recently recorded Chris Simmons (winner of CHS idol) as a part of his 1st place prize. In addition to music, Steph records plays with a company called Aspire Arts ( In September she will be working with them to record the Hear Again Radio Project! Stay tuned for ticket information! At the moment, Steph is studying at NYU for their intensive two week music technology program. She is writing, recording and producing music from rock to jazz to hip hop. She is also the founder of a Record Company called "Run Like Hell Records".

To contact Steph and learn more about her music, email her at:


Michael A Wolf - Connected

Main Genre: Vocal, Classical, Operatic

Michael A. Wolf

He is an actor, a singer (tenor), a composer, and he plays the Saxophone and a little Piano. He does nothave any songs yet... He started singing at the age of nine, because his elementary school made us all sing. He also started the Sax at age nine, because his brother played, and he looked up to him. He quickly fell in love with music, being surrounded by it at home and school really helped. As he progressed through school with his voice he became interested in broadway, and discovering he could act, he did the plays at his high school. He is currently studying Voice at Rowan University, but his focus now has shifted toward Classical and Operatic performance. His dream is to one day be a renowned Opera Singer, or an Actor somewhere. Music and drama are his greatest passions in life. It has supported him throughout every challenge he has ever faced, and he hopes he will one day become good enough to spread that gift with all those who listen to his music, whether it be original compositions, or performances on stage by famous composers.

Email Address:

-Michael A. Wolf


Den5hion - Connected

Main Genre: Electronic

Short bio/description:
Den5hion was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico as Marco Polo Gutierrez. At age 2 he moved to Hayward, California in the San Francisco bay area. He started studying piano and musical theory at age 5 and ever since he could remember he had been attending concerts of various musical genres, ranging from the san francisco symphony to the Van's warped tour. At age 11 due to family problems, he moved back to his hometown. Here is where he attend his first rave. Astounded by the music, the lights, and the people, he decided that this is a world he wanted to be part of. He got his copy of Ableton Live and started learning to produce his own beats and collecting electronic music. Currently, at age 16, he is an aspiring local dj and produces music for fun when time allows it.

Check out His songs at: Http://


Komacron - Connected


A rapper/skater from the hoods of South Jersey that monthly teams up with a multitude of his closests friends to make the hottest raps and beats out of South Jersey. Komacron writes his most famous raps in the car on the way to DJ Geist13's Recording and Producing Studio. The reason Komacron visits DJ Geist13 is never what the two complete at the end of a long days work. DJ Geist13 creates the beats featured in every single one of komacron's tracks. Find out more about the fresh rhymes of Komacron at:

and for more of komacron's favourite beat maker (DJ Geist13) go to:

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N.H.F.S - Connected

This is probably one of my personal favorites out of New Jersey, I'm a big fan of electronic music and these guys combine the best of many musical genres. They came up to me on Rising Artists FaceBook Group ( just simply posting their tracks for others to hear, no major intentions and no rush. The previous is probably another reason why I like them so much.



N.H.F.S. comes straight outta da durty jerz. They write and record all of their music (except the covers). N.H.F.S. is:

Charlie Duckets - beatsmith / muppetface
Killchops - songbird / tough guy
The Jazz Bucket - fresh / too fresh
Dr. Dyokter - pony enthusiast / '97 ford taurus
Yung Aurelio - jargonman / grasshole

You can find their music at

Nice. Helpful. Friendly. Students.

ya'll buscuitheadz

Their music should be coming soon to Rising Artists Official Online Radio!


Zin - Connected

Artist Name: Zin
Main Genre: Electronic
Short Bio/Description:

I came across zin on in the Music Production section and found a couple of his tracks where he created a beat using Fruity Loop Studios and then played the drums over top. The first couple of these tracks were pretty good but after each completed song they improved exponentially. Zin has released a multitude of tracks all avialable either on youtube or through his posts on . Zin has produced some of the hotest electronic songs I've heard from an indie producer yet. I as a DJ have actually used his song "Jet Set Funk" during one of my local gigs here on the East Coast. Zin is also an expert in the art of dance that is the Melbourne Shuffle.

Check out his songs and his moves at:


K'Mille - Connected

Artist Name: K'Mille

Artist Type: Indie Record Label Owner: Rowdie Riot
Main Genre: Hip Hop/R&B, Pop Rock, Adult Contemporary
Description: Fresh Sound, Exciting groove, Infectious Hooks. Yeah!

Contact Info: E-mail:

Personal Review: This is by far the best artist to join Rising Artists so far. Her hit song "Alter My Perception" features some awesome beats that I can definitely see me cruising to! And the club mix is amazing. I Highly recommend checking out her music at her website above/below.( ).

Great Stuff!


DJ Sponge3o3 - Connected

Artist Name: DJ Sponge3o3

Main Genre: Electronic, Hardstyle/Hardcore

DJ Sponge3o3 is a fresh new DJ out of Gmund am Tegernsee Germany. He has not broken into the scene just yet but I expect he soon will if the right people listen to his tracks. DJ Sponge3o3 has produced tracks in genres such as Trance, Hardcore, and Hardstyle which makes him a very versatile, and likable across a large demographic of electronic lovers. You can check out his newest music at:


Man On Earth - Connected

Man On Earth

Bio: (Taken from Man On Earth's MySpace page)

MAN ON EARTH describes their sound as 'Eclectic, experimental rock based music with a commercial accessibility' All Music Guide takes it a bit further - "melodic, post-Britpop sensibility with sharper-edged American guitar muscle, then tops it off with thoughtful lyrics. Surprisingly mature and far-reaching, the band is really too eclectic to simplify with easy comparisons."

MAN ON EARTH was formed in New York City by lead singer Steven Nathan shortly after recording the bands debut album in his bedroom studio. The band is rounded out by Alex Polaris (Guitar, Keyboards) Dave (Drums) & Alex Goumas (Bass).

Three years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, MAN ON EARTH is back with 'The Time Spent Wondering', produced by Grammy winning producer & mixer, Ken Lewis (Lenny Kravitz, Beastie Boys, Fall Out Boy, Kanye West). The album contains guest appearances as diverse as the band's music. The legendary Dr. Fink, iconic keyboardist of Prince & The Revolution as well as Stephen Pearcy, the voice of the mega-platinum arena rock band RATT, have come on board to lend their talents and support to this ambitious project.

MAN ON EARTH's strong 'do-it yourself' ethic and non-stop hard work has garnered them a large amount of recognition and success over the past 3 years. Entirely on their own, the band has had their videos played on Much Music, been spun on over 300 radio stations, featured in film & TV, booked nationwide tours, and directed their own music videos. Shortly after the release of their first album MAN ON EARTH also won the ears of Grammy winning producer Ken Lewis who began working with the band on the songs that have become 'The Time Spent Wondering'.

'The Time Spent Wondering's first single 'all we want' has already gotten a head start this fall from Alternative rock station KACV in Amarillo TX. The song instantly generated phones and within a month it became the 1 most requested song on the station. FMQB declared 'All We Want' a Best Bet pick of the week and a growing number of prominent stations across the country have begun spinning the song as well. The video for 'All We Want' was directed by the band who encouraged fans from around the world to submit videos of themselves with signs explaining their dreams and goals. The outcome was truly inspiring and the video has had a huge response online. In addition pre sales for the album through an exclusive deal with saw the album debut 8 in their top 100! MAN ON EARTH was also recently named one of the top 20 most popular alternative bands in NYC by the Deli Magazine.

Get connected with Man On Earth at:


Tyshon "Shine" Mclaughlin - Connected

Name: Tyshon "Shine" Mclaughlin
From: Newark, Nj
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Sounds Like: Myself
Dream: To Put Newark Back On The Music Map

Short Bio: Tyshon grew up in Newark, Nj. He is the Middle child of an unknown father. His remaining family consists of his moms, his sisters and his nieces and nephews. Tyshon started writing music at the age of 11, and started recording at the age of 13, thanks to his nephew's father. Shortly after that he created a group named "Hoodwork". Two years later, "Shine" begain making instrumentals, due to the fact that he was sick of searching for instrumental Cd's. Just recently, Shine started the group called "Barta E.N.T". Barta E.N.T's members are a couple of Shine's friends that all share the same dream of putting Newark on the map and making a name for themselves. If you think he's hot, just wait till you hear the others tracks he and his group have produced. Shine's songs feature a wide variety of samples making some of the freshest beats you can hear to date. Check out his music at:


Hillside Heist - Connected

Hillside Heist

Main Genre: Post-Punk

Hillside heist is an America Post-Punk band from Dallas Texas. They are currently undergoing a line up change so won't be preforming live shows for a bit but that does not change the fact that their music is awesome. Comparable to The Clash in someways Hillside Heist embodies everything that is the Old School Punk Music we love!

Check out their music at:


Sleeping Lessons - Connected

Sleeping Lessons
Main Genre: Pop-Rock
From: Frenwick Connecticut


Culminating an eclectic mix of influences, an undeniable stage presence, as well as a hint of boyish charm, Sleeping Lessons strives to thrill and hook fans and critics alike. With roots in pop, rock, alternative, funk and hip hop music, Sleeping Lessons takes pride in their ability to fuse and create an enjoyable end product.

Beginning in the winter of 2009, the band began experimenting, trying to find new sounds, as well as stabilize a lineup. Going through numerous musical and roster changes, they believe they have found the perfect fit.Having played music together for years, members Brandon Clark(Lead Vocals, Piano), and Preston Briggs (Drums), concluded that finding a bassist and guitarist was crucial for a definitive sound. An essential way to break the mold was to add new influence and tone. Enter Andrew Seltzer (Bass) and Colin Filgate(Guitar),both mutual friends with a solid musical background in various styles of funk and hip hop, as well as an ear for production. Their addition has become ideal in accomplishing exactly what the band set out to do.

After intense practices, a few broken instruments, and a few lost voices, the band is thrilled about the new sound. "I really think we've finally found our element," states Brandon Clark, "We really just want to have as much fun as possible."

Recording a tentative EP with 6 new songs, the band is very optimistic for the future. Look out for their new music coming soon, and stay posted on shows near you!

Check out their music at:


Sunil Patil - Connected

Artist Name: Sunil Patil
Artist Type: Musician (digital)
Main Genre: Electronica

Sunil Patil is from India. He is a digital musician and a digital artist specialized in creative electronic loops. The music genres he loves the most are Disco, Electronica, Trance, Rave, Breakbeat. You can check out more of his crazy music at . And be sure to follow him on Twitter: .

For more of Sunil Patil go to


Twin Beat Productions - Connected

Twin Beat Productions

Main Genre: Hiphop, R&B
From: Georgia


Twin Beats consist of Aaron and Daniel Patterson a.k.a. Tha Twins. They produce original music for rap artists and singers in Georgia. They have been producing music for a few years now and have worked with many local artist. Now they are just waiting for our big break.

Twin Beats presents some of the freshest beats and tracks to be produced from Georgia, let alone the whole US. Twin Beats can easily be classified among some of the top producing studios in the country. Twin Beats may not have the classiest facility or the most top rate clients but they produce some great music. Aaron and Daniel put so much heart into their music that it is hard not to enjoy what you hear. You can find their videos and remixes on their youtube channel.

Be sure to also visit them on Myspace and Twitter:


Phat Records Music - Connected

Phat Records Music

Location: Sydney
Main Genre: Hiphop / Electronic

Phat Records is a Sydney based electronic music studio that produces commercial quality music and beats. They specialize in hiphop and electronic music over a wide variety of genres. They offer a variety of services including professional Mastering, Beat Construction, Remixes and Recording sessions. Phat Records Music has produced some great beats and some of their own great spins on poplar songs including Benny Benassi's Satisfaction and Sammy G's Freak U.

Check out what they have to offer and their videos at


Inner City Elegance - Connected

Inner City Elegance

Main Genre: Rock / Emo Rock

Snippet From Inner City Elegance's MySpace Page:

"Inner City Elegance isn’t far off either; this three piece is taking off in Calgary. With Internet radio play along with air play on Fuel 90.3 this band can get your attention. Lead singer and guitarist Bruno thrills the ladies with his accent and does not disappoint with his voice. Spencer sings back up and demolished the drums with an entertaining spectacle, and Justin rocks bass and backing vocals while driving the songs along. " -Aurgasimicalgary

"Imagine if Led Zeppelin played emo rock, the result could very well be Canadian rockers Inner City Elegance. This band truly sound fresh with entertaining songs that are almost artrock, they've got the same energy as The Who but with Talking Heads sense of humour. At the same time, they also bring thoughts to modern bands like Retrograde and Circa Survive. So you see, it's not easy to label their music. It's pretty exciting though to think how they came up with this odd sound, my guess is that one of the members loves 70's rock while one of the others loves alternative rock and the remaining member is a fan of progressive music. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to their debut EP."

"A band that really has their stuff together. After crawling around on the Internet for over 2 months now trying to find the hottest bands ready to jump into the big time, Inner City Elegance has made an impression on me. Not only with their music but with how they manage themselves. Being a former Band Manager I understand how difficult it is for a band just starting out and I know how hard it is even after that to continue to grow in the public' eyes. Someone once said to me 'Making The Music Is the Easy Part, the Hard Part is Getting People To Listen To It.' I believe Inner City Elegance has succeeded in doing just that." Dave L. (Founder of Rising Artists International)

Check Them Out At:

And Don't Forget To Buy Their Songs On iTunes!


Creatures of a Beautiful City - Connected


Location: LA

Main Genre: Alternative/Pop Rock

This local LA-area-based band has been working and writing their current catalog of music since late in 2007. The band was originally born from singer Bluu Williams vision from a previous project. Only guitarist Runn remained from the aforementioned project; through like interests, a deep-seeded passion to play, write music and an identical work ethic to what they invision, these two decided to "BE" the "band" and to pair themselves with other musicians. These musicians had to be highly skilled, creative and willing to take a chance in the writing process. Bluu and Runn decided in order to acheive this unique sound they were looking for and to keep their audiences excited and anticipating what will come next, they would bring in different musicians with diverse backgrounds. Each musician joined the group in hopes to break out of their shells from previous projects. This was the start of Creatures of A Beautiful City! Aptly named for the city in which they inhabit.Every musician involving themselves with CBC, do so from a deep hunger to create an experience that will heighten the listeners senses as well as their own. The only intention within their sound is to create a unique but comfortable balance from all the influences that surround them. The easiest way to "classify" their sound is to say that they can bring you to a different place. With the ever-present melody from Bluu's stunningly captivating voice; there is no mistake for their sound. Pair this with grooving bass lines and rhythmically challenging drumming, it brings the melody of the guitars in with full force as they push and pull the tonal balance of the band. Between heavy groove and free-form progressive rock, the band is able to create a distinct style all their own. Creatures of a Beautiful City is attempting to become a striving force in not just the local L.A. music scene, but is ready to share their love of music and experiences with the world.

"CBC produces some of the coolest rock songs I've heard out of LA, let alone the US for an Indie band. Not many bands today just play that classic rock style of music we all know and love. CBC also specializes in Alternative and Pop Rock. While every other band out there makes up some fancy new genre no one has ever heard of before, or claims to play a new style of music every gig. Thankfully, CBC calls it like it is: They ARE rock. It is hard to sit still and listen to their music at the same time, simply because your foot is tapping the whole time. I can only imagine what it would be like to see them in concert. A lot more then your foot would be moving I'm sure of that." --Dave (Founder of RAI)


Charly H. Fox - Connected

Charly H. Fox

Main Genre: Electronic / Dance

Charly H. Fox [a.k.a. Prokopis Georgakopoulos] began performing as a DJ in 1990.He originally played a mixture of Disco, Soul and Rock but the dance scene has interested him since he was 14 .At the age of 10 he started to broadcast live from his house with his first homemade radio station & after a few years he had the most popular radio show in his area .When he finished school he moved to Athens to study music production and sound engineering.Now days Charly is working as a sound engineer for the University Of Peloponnese and as an A&R for Unlove Music.

"Professional Remixes and Awesome Originals is the essence of Charly H Fox. He produces some really nice dance tracks and as a fellow DJ would definitly play in my next set. The part about creating his own radio station I find to be hillarious and completely inspiring at the same time. Who knew some local DJ with less then standard radio equiptment would make the most popular radio station in his area? That shows me the potential that Charly H Fox has to become one of the top DJ's in the world." -- Dave (Founder of RAI)

You can find more of Charly H Fox below:


Vulffen - Connected


Location: Florida
Main Genre: Electronic / Hardstyle

A 15 year old artist from Melbourne, Florida. Working from a simple Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop, Ranging from blasting Hardstyle beats to easy listening minimal beats.

Currently unsigned. He is looking for a Label and is here for the offers.

Inspirations for his music making are:
Blutonium Boy
Daft Punk
Dark Oscillators
And Gigi D’Agostino

"For only being 15 Vulffen "The Hardstyle Cat" produces some really nice electronic tracks. My favorite style of music is Hardstyle and I love Vulffen's work. Extremely professional sound and really nice Melbourne Shuffle music. (my Favorite Dance). Definitley go check out Vulffen's music today!


Wolfgang Carter - Connected

Real Name: Mike Heinrich
Artist Name: Wolfgang Carter
Artist Type: Musician
Main Genre: Rock
Description: Independent songwriter, guitarist and singer serving up a special blend of head food and skull candy for your listening pleasure. Currently recording new songs at home and posting them on my blog @ while my first CD, entitled "Naked", is being mixed down and mastered for release. I enjoy writing songs and for the most part I use personal experience as the subject matter for the songs I have written. So far all the songs I have released on the net are about the things and the people in my life. The songs on my upcoming CD can be heard on ReverbNation @ or on MySpace @

Contact Info:


"My first ever visit to Carter's website introduced me to one of the most professional looking blogspot sites on the net. Instantly that told me this guy has his stuff together. I was now excited to listen to what Wolfgang Carter had to present to the floor. It is an understatement when I say that his music is the pure essence of what rock IS: Flowing guitar melodies, great vocals, and a drummer with the capabilities to make it nearly impossible to keep your foot from tapping against the floor. I have never seen Wolfgang Carter preform in person but definitely plan to! But when I picture him preforming I picture him on stage at a popular local bar late at night, and then at the same time I picture the stage turning a full 180 to reveal a crowd of a couple thousand." --Dave L. (Founder of RAI)


DJ Zick Finland - Connected

DJ Zick Finland

Name: Andreas
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Country: Finland
State: Keski-Pohjanmaa
City: Kokkola
Genre: Hardtrance and Hardstyle
Label: Unsigned
DJ Zick a 18-year old male Finnish music producer from city Kokkola,in Keski-Pohjanmaa. The first track Magnacat was released at 03.07.2008. It's the first and only Melodic Trance song in thisproject. Other tracks goes more to harder trance and hardstyle.
One of the popularest remixes are the D-Devils 6th Gate (Dance WithThe Devil) and Gigi D'Agostino's L'Amour Toujours. They have beenplayed over 5000 times at YouTube and Mikseri.

The most loved track at YouTube: DJ Zick Vs. D-Devils - 6th Gate (Dance With The Devil)The most loved track at Mikseri: DJ Zick Vs. East Clubbers - Wonderful Dancing (DJ Zick Hardtrance Remix Edit)
The first unsigned album is already clear and there is 15 tracks and they are all playable at Last.FM, Mikseri and Youtube. He's already working on the second unsigned album named "Cosplay". The first 4 tracks are already done, and they are much more progressive and darker than ever!

Please visit these sites:

"I found DJ Zick on my similar artists radio and instantly fell in love. Extremely professional tracks and amazing sounds. Every time I listen to my similar artists radio on for DJ Geist13 I look forward to two things the most: Hearing one of my tracks, and hearing the latest DJ Zick track. Being a Melbourne Shuffler I LOVE dancing to DJ Zick's music." -Dave L. (Founder)


DJ Takkei - Connected

DJ Takkei

Name: Justin Braithwaite
Artist Name: Dj Takkei
Artist Type: DJ & Producer
Main Genre: Trance & House


--Currently Dj Takkei is working mostly on his musical productions. He is learning more and more about the production field daily and plans on going to the Arts Institute of Austin to major in Audio Production. He produces his own music and attempts a remix here and there. It is hard to image that Dj Takkei is only 16 years of age.

Check out DJ Takkei's Music Here:



--"DJ Takkei contacted me one day without warning. Honestly though, this was a pleasant suprise. Between business and school it has proved very difficult to look for new artists to feature and help them out, let alone update the website. Listening to all of DJ Takkei tracks brought some new inspiration to my cause here at RAI. I started my DJ career at 16 and I am currently attending Rowan University for Audio Engineering and Radio/TV/Film. It sounds wierd to say I see myself in Dj Takkei. The main difference between us is the music we produce. When I listen to DJ Takkei's tracks in a row and feel like I am listening to a professionaly released trance album. When I listen to mine, I hear sparatic techno ideas and projects that spring randomly into my head. I feel as though DJ Takkei sees a larger image. I feel as though next time I walk into my favorite music store I'll find a DJ Takkei album right in front of the door." ~Dave L (Founder)


Ship To Shore - Connected

Ship To Shore

Main Genre: Pop-Punk

We are a South Jersey pop-punk band made up of five kids who love playing music. Sounds like a mixture of The Movielife and New Found Glory. We are looking to play shows so let us know if you need any bands to play!



"Guitar and Bass Melodies like no other that are bound to get stuck in your head for days. Ship To Shore has the potential to go pretty far in the Music Industry. I love hearing new bands from my home state of New Jersey. It is bands like Ship To Shore that may one day put New Jersey on the Music Industry map. I could die happy if Ship To Shore helps bring New Jersey to the music scene."


Friday, February 19, 2010

Jesselle - Connected


Main Genre: Pop

Hey guys! I'm Jess Loren, a singer/songwriter. Some say pop some say country and some say rock. I play piano and the guitar and my dad plays and performs with me on the 12 string guitar. I love writing music and performing live . My new CD was just recorded in august. It is a collection of all original songs written and composed by me! Going out to tour to promote and hope to land on the taylor swift tour as a supporting artist. Right now i am unsigned and all of my music and merchandise will be available online itunes and others very soon. I Hope I can share my love of music with all of you. Some of the biggest stages I have performed on are at Madison Square Garden at the halftime show during the Knicks game and on the Papermill Playhouse stage. I am now already writing my follow up cd as we speak. Videos of my latest shows will be up soon! Also, thanks for all of the positive comments on youtube! It really gives me a huge smile every day.

Check out our myspace:


Also, become a fan on facebook everybody!



Undergrad Records - Connected

Undergrad Records was founded by Patrick Owen, a senior at the University of Texas. Patrick's goal was to start an Indie Record Label with the help of his last financial aid check of roughly nine thousand dollars. Documenting everything by video and blog Patrick created a unique web-series called Undergrad Records The Show. U.R. is up to episode five and counting. If you are looking for a good time and a real inside look at the music industry check out U.R's youtube page for all the latest episodes. Between behind the scenes, studio sessions, and the story The Show is a great time.

If you are looking to submit your stuff to Undergrad Records in hopes of getting signed be sure to visit them Here:

Follow Patrick and the rest of his team at


Chris Prythm - Connected

Chris Prythm

Main Genre: HipHop


I'm an Artist & Producer. I produce all genres of music. I also have beats for sale under "Ill-it Beatz", you can hear them at


!mpakterz - Connected

Artist Name: !mpakterz
Real Name: Hemar Randall
Main Genre: Nu-Hardstyle/Hardstyle
Bio/Description: Born November 17th, 1992 in Kansas City, MO. Been producing electronic music on and off since February 2008. Producing Hardstyle since September 2009.

Contact Info:

<span class="fullpost">
"For only producing Hardstyle for a few months !mpakterz is one of the best Indie hardstyle producers I have heard since founding RAI. He produces full tracks but his real talent lies in the writting melodies. Artists can purchase his melodies for a mere $10, just shoot him an Email. !mpakterz is a great artist and I expect him to go much farther in his field. If he can produce high quality hardstyle tracks after only a few months I cannot wait to see what he can do after a year or two and working in the field. Keep up the great work."


HydroPhon!c - Connected

Real Name: Brandon Thomas
Artist Name: HydroPHon!c
Artist Type: Producer and soon-to-be DJ
Main Genre: Dubstep and Hip-Hop

Description: A real grassroots producer, no expensive studio equipment needed. I enjoy those often over-looked "stock" sounds, and over the years developed techniques to breath life into them, thus creating a unique sound and style. No track sounds the same as another, and theres always something new to hear.

Contact Info:


"An awesome Dubstep producer and the above dubstep remix of a hardstyle song is ground breaking. I do not know how but HydroPhon!c managed to perfectly combine the hard thumping kick drums of hardstyle at 144BPM's with the LPF'd BASS of dubstep at 70 BPM's. Epic is really the only word to describe this track, and this artist!"


RainHat - Connected

Name: Sami Ylinen
Main genre: indie-folk pop
Bio/Description: Rainhat is an independent Swedish project, started in early 2009 by classically trained musician Sami Ylinen, who writes the songs and sings and plays all the instruments in the recordings. Sami believes that music should be available to anyone who likes listening to it, regardless of who or where you are, so all Rainhat tracks can therefore be downloaded for free from the website and shared freely online or otherwise.

"Read More about RainHat"



"One of the most noble and respectable musicians in the industry. I highley recommend checking out his music. As he said all his stuff is free, which right off the bat is great, but then you listen to his album and realize you would gladly have payed 12.99 for it at BestBuy. I cannot get enough of RainHat."


Mike Menichini - Connected

Artist Name: Mike Menichini
Artist Type: Singer, Lyricist, Other (Entertainer)
Main Genre: A Capella, Choral, Swing


Hello world, the name is Michael Menichini. I'm an aspiring singer/musician who loves to write music and entertain. I've been singing since the early years of 4th grade, and took lessons for 5 years. At and early age, i acquired a tase for the sounds of swing and big band, which is very unique for kids in this day and age! It's always a thrill to go on stage and sing for and audience, and one that loves swing and big band as much as i do! I was planning on putting out a CD this winter, but it had to be postponed unfortunately due to financial reasons. I'm unsigned and looking for open talent agents and showcases to prove to the world what i can really do! I've been doing performing arts ever since i was a little kid, and have always enjoyed it. Some of my idols are: Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Paul McCartney, and many others. You can see my video of me singing at teen idol if you go to and type in my name! I would also love to hear some of your thoughts and suggestions to my video. Please, feel free to contact me at!


"The first time I met Mike Menichini was at a rehersal for our high school's production of The Wizard of Oz.  It was our freshman year.  I heard him sing the tenor part in "The Wonderful Land of Oz" while I sung bass a few feet away.  He was one of the strongest tenors I could hear among the underclassmen and one of the most conifent.  I knew he was good then, and I knew I was a little bit jealous.  His confidence on stage can easily be seen in the above video.

The next preformance of Mike's that stands out in my mind is Senior year at Cherokee High School's "Cherokee Idol".  Mike did an amazing preformance of "Moondance" that turned the crowd into a crazed collection of wild fans cheering for Mike.  Naturally after working the crowd so well Mike went on to win Cherokee Idol that year.  It was then that I knew that a few years down the road I would be walking through Target's music section and come across a new CD:  Mike Menichini's Best Hits 2 Disk Collection.  Now that I run a music promotions company I am honored to help make his vision and dream a reality."


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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