Monday, January 11, 2010

Benefits of Getting Connected

Our mission statement may say that this promotion experience is more then just a status update and a blog post, but in reality you do recieve both of them upon joining RAI.  We offer a wide range of promotional services both free and premium.  If you are already connected and would like to take advantage of our services fill out and submit our unique and personalized promotions package.  Submitting only the artist submission for will only add you to our online databases, to access the rest of our promotional services please fill out and submit the promotions package form.

Here at RAI we focus namely on making connections.  Connections to other artists, labels, promoters, managers, fans and most importantly other people.  This is a place to learn what works and what doesn't from those who have been through it all before.  Much like you can hear first hand what it takes to be sucessful in the music industry.  As with any journey it is nice to have a partner along side of you to help you along.  Consider RAI your partner.  It is our goal to help make your musical dreams a reality and to help accomplish your musical goals.

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