Friday, February 19, 2010

HydroPhon!c - Connected

Real Name: Brandon Thomas
Artist Name: HydroPHon!c
Artist Type: Producer and soon-to-be DJ
Main Genre: Dubstep and Hip-Hop

Description: A real grassroots producer, no expensive studio equipment needed. I enjoy those often over-looked "stock" sounds, and over the years developed techniques to breath life into them, thus creating a unique sound and style. No track sounds the same as another, and theres always something new to hear.

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"An awesome Dubstep producer and the above dubstep remix of a hardstyle song is ground breaking. I do not know how but HydroPhon!c managed to perfectly combine the hard thumping kick drums of hardstyle at 144BPM's with the LPF'd BASS of dubstep at 70 BPM's. Epic is really the only word to describe this track, and this artist!"


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