Saturday, February 20, 2010

Charly H. Fox - Connected

Charly H. Fox

Main Genre: Electronic / Dance

Charly H. Fox [a.k.a. Prokopis Georgakopoulos] began performing as a DJ in 1990.He originally played a mixture of Disco, Soul and Rock but the dance scene has interested him since he was 14 .At the age of 10 he started to broadcast live from his house with his first homemade radio station & after a few years he had the most popular radio show in his area .When he finished school he moved to Athens to study music production and sound engineering.Now days Charly is working as a sound engineer for the University Of Peloponnese and as an A&R for Unlove Music.

"Professional Remixes and Awesome Originals is the essence of Charly H Fox. He produces some really nice dance tracks and as a fellow DJ would definitly play in my next set. The part about creating his own radio station I find to be hillarious and completely inspiring at the same time. Who knew some local DJ with less then standard radio equiptment would make the most popular radio station in his area? That shows me the potential that Charly H Fox has to become one of the top DJ's in the world." -- Dave (Founder of RAI)

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