Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Music Player is WORKING - How to get your tracks on there:


Thanks to the ever growing power of ReverbNation RAI is now able to have a working music player on our main page!  But not everyone's tracks can go in the player.

How do I get my tracks on the music player?

There are a few things that must be done first:

1.  You must be a member of ReverbNation and have an artist account.
--- (Join ReverbNation Now)
2.  You must have 1 or more songs uploaded to ReverbNation.
3.  You must already be a member of Rising Artists International.
--- (Join Rising Artists International Now)
4.  At least one song must be offered for free download on ReverbNation.
--- (The songs offered for free download on ReverbNation will also be feature on our Downloads Page)

Once those things are complete there are a few more things that must be done before all of your tracks are uploaded to the player:

1.  Before your tracks are even considered for addition to the music player you must be registered on ReverbNation under RAI's artist Roster.  Send RAI a message on ReverbNation asking for the Label Request.  Please make the subject "RAI Label Request".  (RAI's Label Profile)  RAI will then send a request to add you to our artist roster.  It is recommended that you click on the "admin access" button so RAI has the option to pay for certain premium services ReverbNation offers.  However, feel free to click "Accept" to only give RAI 'Read Only' access to your account.  Your songs will still be added to the player.

2.  Once you are a part of RAI's Label on ReverbNation within 2 - 3 business days your tracks will appear on the player.

3.  Feel free to become a fan of RAI's Label Profile and RAI's Fan Profile on ReverbNation.

WAIT?!  Does joining RAI's Artist Roster mean I'm signed to their Label?

NO!  RAI is not a Record Label yet, RAI just utilizes the tools availabl to Labels provided by ReverbNation.  You are NOT signed to Rising Artist International.  And it does NOT conflict with pre-existing contracts if you are already signed.


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