Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tyshon "Shine" Mclaughlin - Connected

Name: Tyshon "Shine" Mclaughlin
From: Newark, Nj
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Sounds Like: Myself
Dream: To Put Newark Back On The Music Map

Short Bio: Tyshon grew up in Newark, Nj. He is the Middle child of an unknown father. His remaining family consists of his moms, his sisters and his nieces and nephews. Tyshon started writing music at the age of 11, and started recording at the age of 13, thanks to his nephew's father. Shortly after that he created a group named "Hoodwork". Two years later, "Shine" begain making instrumentals, due to the fact that he was sick of searching for instrumental Cd's. Just recently, Shine started the group called "Barta E.N.T". Barta E.N.T's members are a couple of Shine's friends that all share the same dream of putting Newark on the map and making a name for themselves. If you think he's hot, just wait till you hear the others tracks he and his group have produced. Shine's songs feature a wide variety of samples making some of the freshest beats you can hear to date. Check out his music at:


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