Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Applications Closed Until May 15th

Due to increasing work load at RAI and elsewhere I am sorry to say that all applications to RAI will be closed until May 15th.  They will re-open when the site is back to 100% status.  There are many pages that need to be updated such as the application form, archives, downloads, the artist directory and the music player.

While applications will be closed there are still some artists that have already applied but have nnot recieved their review and post yet.  The articles and reviews will be posted within the next two weeks.

Artists soon to be officially connected to RAI:

  • J-Bro
  • Jamikeken
  • Exit.357
  • Hotel Oakland
  • melodyofpraise
  • King Leo
  • Ty Green
Look for their music soon along with many new updates to the website!


Be sure to vote for our Pepsi Refresh Idea to "Start a company that gives free music promotion to musical artists" Starting May 1st!  If we win, we recieve a $5,000 Grant of which all of it goes to YOU!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Veszelka kommandó - Connected

- Veszelka kommandó
- Band
- Folk / Rock
- Website: http://www.myspace.com/veszelkakommando

Bio / Description:

- This is what happens when a punk, a rocker, a metalhead, a folk musician, a classical musician, smartguy and little prince unite.

The band “Veszelka Kommandó” has been formed by ex-musicians of Narco Polo, a band established in 1995. The singer of “Veszelka Kommandó”, Flóra Herczeg gained nationwide popularity in 2008, as the performer of one of the leading roles (Réka) in the 25th anniversary remake of the rock opera “Stephen the King”. The classical rock formation is combined with percussions such as derbuka, djembe, kettle-drum, timbales, ütőgardon), violin, viola, shepherd’s pipe, clarinet and bagpipe; spreading their message on the wings of world music, uniquely using the language of rock, pop, reggae or ska. They are utilizing the unique folk music treasures of the Carpathian-Basin, reshaping and adapting them to the ears of the 21st century, thus helping and enabling the audience to find their way back to their own musical roots. Their repertory includes everything from dancy floor-shaking-ear-tickling songs, to the almost-teary lyrical ones; prepare yourselves for a dynamic, blazing and passionate concert experience. All songs can be rooted back to Hungarian folk music, combined with their own lyrics and tunes. The tracks are born on the basis of individual ideas, but are finalized collectively.
RAI Review:
"Language is no barrier to good music and Veszelka kommandó is the perfect example.  Veszelka kommandó is fun to listen to and creates a very upbeat listening environment.  They present a unique blend of Hungarian folk music and rock.  They are just so easy to listen to and it is great music."


Josh Angeles - Connected

- Josh Angeles
- Producer, Recording Artist, Singer, Lyricist
- Main Genre: Pop / Electro
- Website: http://www.myspace.com/thejoshangeles

Bio / Description:

- Josh Angeles is a one of a kind musician with natural talent and a great work ethic. These two components come together to form a very unique sound made only by Angeles. Listen to the latest music at myspace.com/thejoshangeles and HELP PROMOTE! An EP by Angeles is due within the next year, and will be on iTunes.

RAI Review:

"Great lyrics and very professional.  Josh Angeles blew away my initial expectations!  The songs are crisp and well mastered and each song has a meaning.  I cannot wait to hear the EP."


Monday, April 19, 2010

New Artist Application Method (Effective May 10th)

Due to the large amount of submissions RAI has been recieving we will be making the application process a little more streamlined for the future.  Changes will not take effect until May 10th but below is the basic outline of what those changes will be.

In order to recieve promotional services from RAI the artist will need:

-To upload at least one track to RAI for free download to fans and for use on the featured article
-A ReverbNation account to possible addition to our websites music player
-A Last.fm account for possible addition to our online Radio
-To upload a picture to RAI for use in the featured article
-A Twitter account for addition to RAI's list of artists.

RAI has applied for the Pepsi Refresh Project to recieve a grant of $5,000.  If we get accepted into the voting round and if we win the grant RAI will be recieving a fully operational website, instead of this super powered blog page.  If we win the grant expect the new website to be released by December of 2010.  Upon openning the new website the application requirements may change again.

A post will be made once voting starts so please help RAI out and vote for our idea on the Pepsi Refresh Project.  Comming Soon.

Thank You


Friday, April 16, 2010

Christopher Zaren - Connected

- Christopher Zaren
- Band, Recording Artist, Singer, Lyricist
- Main Genre: Acoustic Rock
- Website: http://www.yobi.tv/yobising/finalists/view/24

Bio / Description:

- My name is Christopher Zaren, and I am currently in the top 7, and week 2 of the finals of this big international sing/talent contest! I need your vote once a week! It is free to do, and I would greatly appreciate your support in my dream! To view my winning entry and vote, please go to www.tinyurl.com/Vote4Zaren OR click the website link here on my profile. Thank you so much for your support! Sincerely, CZ

RAI Review:

"A class act.  Chris has a great voice and premium skills on the guitar.  I highley suggest you help him out and vote for him.  This is a chance to really help an artist right away.  Not in two years and not gradually.  Let's do our part!"


RL - Connected

- RL
- Recording Artist
- Main Genre: HipHop
- Website:  http://twitter.com/rlthemc

Bio / Description:

- Im RL aka POLO MAN , you know.  I got sum music i kno youll enjoy so jus listen to one track im sure youll find yourself nodding your head.

RAI Review:

"RL can freestyle and freestyle good.  I think I like his freestyles more then his written tracks.  I would love to see RL in a rap battle.  I'm sure he would win.  I would proudly beatbox for him too!  Keep it up."


The FSU Crew - Connected

- The FSU Crew
- Band, Lyricist
- Main Genre: HipHop
- Website: http://www.myspace.com/therealfsucrew

Bio / Description:

- The FSU Crew was formed November 6, 2009...and from then on out we've put our focus on Music and are dedicated on making a change in the Industry.

RAI Review:

"Explicit content never sounded so good.  The FSU Crew knows what's good and they have what's good too.  If you like a hard beat and hard rap, FSU Crew is for you!"


Tight Moe - Connected

- Tight Moe
- Recording Artist
- Main Genre: HipHop
- Website:  http://www.reverbnation.com/tightmoe

Bio / Description:

- A man is ultimately defined by the works he has done and what lies within his heart. I was born in Louisiana and raised on the backroads of Glenmora and city streets of Alexandria, while every summer running the back alleys of Gary, Indiana. I am of young age and determined to make a better situation for my family and community. I am also pursuing a degree in medicine. I hope to have a bachelor's degree in biology by this June. Even though I have other ventures at hand; music is what lies within my heart. It is what drives me and soothes my soul. I have been blessed with an incredible talent so it is up to me to let the world know.

I have goals of becoming not just a musical icon, but a leader among my people. Music is a gift along with life,therefore; we must treat it as such. I want to be able to uplift my family and my people and restore back what is rightfully ours. We live among poverty, but we are destined to inherit wealth.

It is my goal to take over every radio station and every club scene. I want Tight Moe to be a household name along with Dreamland. Dreamland is not about dreaming, but making attainable some things you never thought possible. I inherited the world and all its splendor from GOD; so I am simply going after what is mine. We have a slogan where we simply do the same thing everyday; TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
I will accomplish this feat by putting GOD first and grinding. I have a wonderful management team along with a diligent promotional group. Everyone is dedicated with the purpose of succeeding.

WARNING: Explicit Content!  Awesome Track but explicit!

RAI Review:

"I could bounce to this.  I new Tight Moe was good when my friends walked in the room and asked who i was listening to and where could they get the track.  Tight Moe's music is HOT!"


Beaver - Connected

- Beaver
- Recording Artist, Lyricist
- Main Genre: HipHop
- Website:  http://unsigned.com/beavergr

Bio / Description:

- Born and raised in Maseru, Lesotho in an extremely notorious neighbourhood known as Katlehong. Got introduced to the game in 2005 and has held it down since,elevating with time.

RAI Review:

"This guy can rap!  Beaver does not belong on Unsigned.com, he belongs in a music video on MTV.  No dought!  My favorite song is his track 'Word to Critix".  The openning is so fresh it drives me nuts.  And then the beat drops in and I imagine a dance club going crazy.  I cannot wait for the day I Beaver on the radio!"


The Secret System - Connected

- The Secret System
- Band
- Main Genre: Rock
- Website: http://www.secretsystemband.com/

Bio / Description:

- the Secret System is an all original band from the Lehigh Valley, PA. There style of music includes a unique blend of classic and modern rock. The music and lyrics are intelligently written with a hybrid sound in an accessible package. The Secret System was formed in 2007 and produced their first, self titled debut, in 2009. Members include Scott Reese (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards), Leo Kline III (Drums), Rich Eckhart (Bass, Backing Vocals), Dave Berry (Guitar, Backing Vocals).

RAI Review:

"the Secret System may have blown my favorite RAI artist out of the water!  These guys are great!  Their song The Secret System was amazing.  The openning started out a bit odd but I held in there and boy was I rewarded.  The guitar was so crisp and it simply made the track great!  I see these guys getting big!  Really Big!"


ken x shunz - Connected

- ken x shunz
- Producer, Promoter
- Main Genre: Other
- Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/kenxshunz

Bio / Description:

- Nintendo beats on nanaimo streets!

RAI Review:

"Other as the genre is right.  But whatever it is I like it!  I really like the chip tone melodies on top of a really fresh hip hop beat.  True, its been done before but not like this.  I never enjoyed it before.  Because of Ken X Shunz now I do."


Ryan Pugal - Connected

- Ryan Pugal
- DJ, Promoter, Recording Artist, Singer
- Main Genre: Pop
- Website: http://www.ryanpugalsmusic.com/

Bio / Description:

- Ryan Pugal Is a Emcee, Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer & Entrepreneur. Who became a Instant Indie Success after competing against thousand's of hopeful's In 2007 on the very first season of the national talent competition 'Famecast', where viewers worldwide voted him where he earned a spot as one of the top five finalist's and competed in the finals in Austin, TX where he won the 'Overall Best Artist Promotion Award' and placed in fourth. Since then Ryan has toured and performed all over the US mainland, released two indie album's and featured on the 'Radio Now Vol8 compilation cd' which was promoted in Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia and parts of the US. Ryan Pugal has been labeled as 'Acheiving Virtual Fame and Success Online' throughout the internet with over 40,000 plus digital download sales of his music sold worldwide.

RAI Review:

"Great beats, greats melodies, great voice, and a great entertainer!  I would love to see this guy in concert!  This guy has it all.  And I just want to say, I LOVE this album art!  It's crazy.  Ryan Pugal is profressional on a whole new level.  Whether I am listening to one of his slower songs or one of his faster pop songs I find myself bobbing my head and tapping my foot to this amazing music.  Ryan Pugal is the full package!"

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Studebaker - Connected

- Studebaker
- Other: Composer
- Main Genre: Classical
- Website: http://www.sutros.com/studebaker

RAI Asks: What are your musical goals?

- I have a few goals.

Right now I'm working towards a new idea on music theory, it's taking the approach to ordering the Music Modes in the circle of fifths. I have a few things to work with and would like to write a book on the Language of Music. I also have the goal of developing a digital album and a piano album,

I have yet to develop more music with the guitar. My main goal currently is to get into a school of music to focus on music composition and develop the skills I need to write a symphony. In order to write a symphony I'll have to learn to write comfortably for all the instruments (which I've been studying). So, more than likely I'll have more music for the strings written, and I have a great source for learning contemporary methods of writing for the wind ensemble. I think in the long run I'd like to write symphonies for a living, and build an educational business around music composition. The business would provide a way for students who have a gift in music and really want a way to get going with music and need a stepping stone to get into a college or conservatory, a way to get their music out there to different colleges. But, currently those are my goals. I'll order them below.

1) School
2) getting my pieces onto sheet music
3) writing out a digital and piano album of my work
4) write a symphony when graduated from college (I'd like to go through Berklee's music composition program).
5) write a book on the Language of Music and start a business for teaching music composition.
RAI Review:
"An extremely talented pianist with enough heart to fill an orchestra chamber.  Make that all the orchestra chambers in the United States.  I see Studebaker becoming the next big name composer.  It is about time someone knocks off the dead guys.  Let's make room for someone alive and kicking!"


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blog Music Player is WORKING - How to get your tracks on there:


Thanks to the ever growing power of ReverbNation RAI is now able to have a working music player on our main page!  But not everyone's tracks can go in the player.

How do I get my tracks on the music player?

There are a few things that must be done first:

1.  You must be a member of ReverbNation and have an artist account.
--- (Join ReverbNation Now)
2.  You must have 1 or more songs uploaded to ReverbNation.
3.  You must already be a member of Rising Artists International.
--- (Join Rising Artists International Now)
4.  At least one song must be offered for free download on ReverbNation.
--- (The songs offered for free download on ReverbNation will also be feature on our Downloads Page)

Once those things are complete there are a few more things that must be done before all of your tracks are uploaded to the player:

1.  Before your tracks are even considered for addition to the music player you must be registered on ReverbNation under RAI's artist Roster.  Send RAI a message on ReverbNation asking for the Label Request.  Please make the subject "RAI Label Request".  (RAI's Label Profile)  RAI will then send a request to add you to our artist roster.  It is recommended that you click on the "admin access" button so RAI has the option to pay for certain premium services ReverbNation offers.  However, feel free to click "Accept" to only give RAI 'Read Only' access to your account.  Your songs will still be added to the player.

2.  Once you are a part of RAI's Label on ReverbNation within 2 - 3 business days your tracks will appear on the player.

3.  Feel free to become a fan of RAI's Label Profile and RAI's Fan Profile on ReverbNation.

WAIT?!  Does joining RAI's Artist Roster mean I'm signed to their Label?

NO!  RAI is not a Record Label yet, RAI just utilizes the tools availabl to Labels provided by ReverbNation.  You are NOT signed to Rising Artist International.  And it does NOT conflict with pre-existing contracts if you are already signed.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Way to Get Paid to Keep RAI Free

Currently there are over 60 artists connected to Rising Artists International and that number is growing by an average of two a day.  It takes a lot to keep our promotional services free.  And here is how you can help:

InboxDollars has JUST released a new way to earn cash online, and they make it easier then ever.  They connect your InboxDollars account with your facebook account.  With the help of InboxDollars you can now come very close to making a real income online for the price of reading a few Emails.  They are by far the most impressive and best online money making website to date.

- How does it help RAI if I make money online from InboxDollars?

Simple, follow the link to sign up as an RAI referral.  RAI will recieve %10 of the profit you make while there is no change on the amount you would normally make.  If you take a 5 minute survey for the reward of $0.50 RAI will recieve $0.05.  YOU STILL RECEIVE $0.50.  WOW $0.05, that is totally going to pay for the expenses of a full working company.  Well infact, it is.  As more people join as an RAI referral RAI has more potential to earn cash.

- What does RAI do with the money I make?

It goes to Album production costs, web hosting, advertising for bands, online storage.  And some is being saved for the creation of a music studio for RAI connected artists to use for free!  That's right!  Free Studio time.

So if you want to start making some real money online and help out the fastest growing promotions company on the web.  Join InboxDollars today!  For joining as an RAI referral you get an automatic $5.00 reward.

Just want to donate?  You can do that too thanks you PayPal!


HalfLip - Connected

- HalfLip
- Band
- Main Genre: rock/hip-hop/metal
- http://www.myspace.com/halflip151

Bio / Description:

- HalfLip has recently won the Battle of the Bands hosted by Crocodile Rock in Allentown and performed with Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Chimaira and most recently Trust Company at their EP Release Party, Their new EP \"Nothing Set In Stone\" was recorded at Soundmine Recording Studios and mastered by Dan Malsch.
They may have all lived in different parts of PA but, growing up they all went to the same high school and at one point or another were in bands together. Then they all came together to create what they all had envisioned in their heads…and that’s“Halflip”.
Halflip is: Mozez (Eric Hogan)(Vocals), Steve Denig (Vocals), Dan “Vito” Barone (Vocals, Guitar),Ben Wine (Guitar), Chris “MO” Eliat (Bass) and Anthony Paesano (Drums).
They want to send a different message. So they decided to see how far the “Halflip” project would take them and how many ears would listen to what they have to say. So listen closely……
RAI Review:
"Halflip reminds me of another popular rock/hiphop combination band: Lincoln Park.  Although, I like HalfLip better!  Much better.  Their song, Complicate Life is amazing.  From the guitar to the, raps, to the heavy drums HalfLip brings it all to the table.  It is no wonder why or how they won Battle of the Bands."


MixMasterCash - Connected

- MixMasterCast
- DJ, Music Supervisor, Producer, Promoter, Recording Studio, Recording Artist
- Main Genre: HIP-HOP / RAP
- http://www.myspace.com/mixmastercash

Bio / Description:

- Imagine walking into a house party in Carson on a hot summer Saturday night, to see a DJ set up on an ironing board rocking the spot, with the house stereo and a bass bottom. Who would have thought ten years later, that same DJ would come from behind the turntables and rocks the hottest night clubs throughout Los Angeles. He can paint a picture with words over drums and bass, like the storyteller Slick Rick. His style is out of the box and animated like Ludacris & OutKast. He is confident, popular, bold, creative, yet misunderstood like Lil Wayne & Kanye West. This multi-talented underground artist shaking up L.A like an earthquake, goes by the name of MIXMASTERCASH.
“MIXMASTERCASH is one of the hottest upcoming artist from the L.A. area. You can always expect high energy when he hits the stage. The sky is the limit for him” says DJ of Star Strucc Entertainment. MIXMASTERCASH has performed throughout Southern California at venues like; The Key Club, Club Cohiba, The Terrace club, Club Vice, The Copa Cabana club, The Rhythm Lounge, 4Wheels Auto Parts car show, South West Los Angeles College, El Camino College etc.
Despite growing up in L.A MIXMASTERCASH refuse to be another “gang-banging, dope slanging, pimped out” statistic. His act is a combination of “Jerkin” meets “Rockstar” to make “Ghettotech” music. In his latest singles “GET A JOB” MIXMASTERCASH has listeners and party goers chanting “standing by the bar with my E.B.T card.” Most critics didn’t take his music serious, until he released his controversial mixtape track “CATCH 22” which expressed his frustrations with the government & the way of life, for disadvantage minorities in America. This earned him street credit & even stronger fan following. “He has the ability to capture the crowd, and take home more fans than he came in with” says Angel of AZ MUSIC Entertainment.
While some artist record in a major label studios to cut a demo, he did it in his grandmothers garage using D.J equipment, a low-budget beat machine and a live CD burner. Regardless of producing & promoting his own club bangers, he has teamed up with J.HOU productions to work on a full length album, due for release in the summer of 2010. Collaborating with various artist like L.A’s finest ROW, A.Y entertainments L.A.X & Bless Beats, Knobious Entertainment’s DJ MikeCage & Dreshot. “GOD willing, my mission is to make good music for the universe to listen & feel. I want astronauts & aliens pressing play on my songs in outer space until the end of time” says MIXMASTERCASH. In 2010 MIXMASTERCASH predicts to change the world of HIP-HOP as we know it. I think its safe to say MIXMASTERCASH is money in the bank for whomever works with him.
RAI Review:
"MixMasterCash is not just a HipHop artist, he is a showman.  Just watch his videos and picture yourself in the audience.  He does not let you sit still.  He actively enganges the audience and lets you know he's Boss!  His beats are hot and his style is hotter.  MixMasterCash knows where it's at."
Amazon.com Related Products:


Fracture Point - Connected

- Fracture Point
- Band
- Main Genre: Metal
- http://www.myspace.com/fracturepoint

Bio / Description:

- This Phoenix, AZ four piece devastates. Established in May of 2003, Fracture Point continues to gain ground and turn heads within the local scene. With the help of airplay of their EP titled "HATRED SET FREE" on 98 KUPD's "Into The Pit" and "Morning Sickness", Fracture Point continues to rise. They have shared the stage with some of metal\'s finest acts including Soulfly, Skinlab, All That Remains, Hemlock, Cephalic Carnage, Crematorium, Malevolent Creation, Job for a Cowboy, Origin, Animosity, Ankla, Hostility and Oblige. Fracture Point is currently playing live all over Arizona and Southern California spreading their unique brand of Metal. Fracture Point\'s debut album "INHERIT THE DOWNFALL" was released June 14, 2008. Fracture Point cannot be stopped only supported.

RAI Review:

"I want to see Frature Point in concert, yet at the same time I am afraid to go.  When I listen to Fracture Point, my head bangs and my heel stomps the floor.  The heavy distorted guitar sounds awesome, especially on great speakes.  It is saeligious o Fracture Point to not BLAST their music untill a few ears bleed.  Or in my case, my neighbors complain.  Fracture Point is a one of a kind, premium Death Metal Band!"


Monday, April 5, 2010

Artur Bayramgalin - Connected

- Artur Bayramgalin
- Recording Artist
- Main Genre: Jazz
- http://www.bayramgalin.com/

Bio / Description:

- Artur Bayramgalin was born in 1974 in Ufa (Russia). As son of popular Ufa artists, Artur was destined towards music at an early age. At the age of 22, Artur made a name for himself on the Russian music scene performing with many of top artists. During recent years Artur has been working with his own projects as well as performing with artists. His debut album Interro Island is just arrived at CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes.

RAI Review:

"This guy is incredible! He’s jazzy with a touch of something everyone can enjoy! He’s got great rhythm and his music is sure to be stuck in your head! I can definitely imagine driving down the beach line listening to his stuff. Very talented and an A+ in variety. Needless to say, he’s got my vote!"

Amazon Related Products:


C.R.PRICE - Connected

- Recording Artist, Lyricist
- Main Genre: HipHop
- http://cmfchrist.bandzoogle.com/

Bio / Description:


RAI Review:

"C.R. Price is definitely something you can bob your head too. Whether you’re just hanging out or driving around, you can definitely get into it. The straight rap is definitely the best part in my opinion. His talent definitely shines through in the song “the Flyest”. A must listen to!"


James Dowen - Connected

- James Dowen
- Singer, Lyricist
- Main Genre: Pop/ Acoustic
- http://www.reverbnation.com/jamesmusic1

Bio / Description:

- James Started making music at a very young age. Singing in choir and musicals were just a couple of outlets for him to express himself musically. He is now grown up and using his talents to create a sound all his own. He has been said by peers to be a rare talent filled with passion and emotion. He was involved in a talent competition called"Capital Region's Got Talent", where he finished in the top 6 out of 50 others who auditioned. This event was televised on Time Warner Cable in the Capital Region Area of NY. He was also featured in a cover story on his journey leading to the competition on October 15th, 2009 in The Times Union newspaper. He won two awards from 518fever.com,"Best Kept Secret in the 518" & CRGT People's Choice.James hopes one day to live out his dream of sharing his love of music with the world.

RAI Review:

"I instantly picture James Dowen on stage with his piano and microphone infront of a few cameras and thousands of fans.  He gives such a great compination of smooth piano melodies a crisp vocals.  James Dowen's voice is so easy to listen to you just want to listen to it again.  I am honored to be working with James to help him reach his goals."

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HEI-RON - Connected

- Recording Artists
- Main Genre: HipHop
- http://www.hei-ron.bandcamp.com/

Bio / Description:

Released 3 solo albums since 2004

Nominated and winner of the Nashville independent Music Awards

Nominee @ the Hip Hop in the ville awards.
RAI Review:
"HEI-RON is a highley professional artist and his awards show for it.  He produces great music.  His track Baby I'm a Star has everything a good hiphop track should have: A hard kick, sweet beat, hot vocals and lyrics, and a premium mix of all of the above."
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