Saturday, February 20, 2010

DJ Geist13 - Connected

Sample Track: DJ Geist13 - Wind Chyme

- Main Genre: Electronic
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Short Bio: (Description)
DJ Geist13 was born in Southern New Jersey , and has lived there ever since. It was during his middle school career when he was first introduced to electronic music. Some of his first influences include Tiesto, Benny Benassi, and The Prodigy. Starting in the summer of 2008 Dave was introduced to the Melbourne Shuffle by his best friend since pre-school. That day marked a turn of fate for Dave, his boring life style of regular pop music would change forever.  DJ Geist13 DJ’d his first gig that summer with a laptop and VDJ Ver. 4 (at age 16). It was low-tech but successful!  After that, new equiptment was purchased and the DJ career was off to the races. Since then DJ Geist13 (locally known as DJ Dave) has preformed at multiple parties and numerous events around the east coast.Currently, DJ Geist13 has produced over 20 original tracks and countless remixes. He aspires to become a internationally recognized DJ. It has been his dream for many years and that dream will never die!


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