Saturday, February 20, 2010

Michael A Wolf - Connected

Main Genre: Vocal, Classical, Operatic

Michael A. Wolf

He is an actor, a singer (tenor), a composer, and he plays the Saxophone and a little Piano. He does nothave any songs yet... He started singing at the age of nine, because his elementary school made us all sing. He also started the Sax at age nine, because his brother played, and he looked up to him. He quickly fell in love with music, being surrounded by it at home and school really helped. As he progressed through school with his voice he became interested in broadway, and discovering he could act, he did the plays at his high school. He is currently studying Voice at Rowan University, but his focus now has shifted toward Classical and Operatic performance. His dream is to one day be a renowned Opera Singer, or an Actor somewhere. Music and drama are his greatest passions in life. It has supported him throughout every challenge he has ever faced, and he hopes he will one day become good enough to spread that gift with all those who listen to his music, whether it be original compositions, or performances on stage by famous composers.

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-Michael A. Wolf


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