Friday, February 19, 2010

!mpakterz - Connected

Artist Name: !mpakterz
Real Name: Hemar Randall
Main Genre: Nu-Hardstyle/Hardstyle
Bio/Description: Born November 17th, 1992 in Kansas City, MO. Been producing electronic music on and off since February 2008. Producing Hardstyle since September 2009.

Contact Info:

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"For only producing Hardstyle for a few months !mpakterz is one of the best Indie hardstyle producers I have heard since founding RAI. He produces full tracks but his real talent lies in the writting melodies. Artists can purchase his melodies for a mere $10, just shoot him an Email. !mpakterz is a great artist and I expect him to go much farther in his field. If he can produce high quality hardstyle tracks after only a few months I cannot wait to see what he can do after a year or two and working in the field. Keep up the great work."


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