Saturday, February 20, 2010

N.H.F.S - Connected

This is probably one of my personal favorites out of New Jersey, I'm a big fan of electronic music and these guys combine the best of many musical genres. They came up to me on Rising Artists FaceBook Group ( just simply posting their tracks for others to hear, no major intentions and no rush. The previous is probably another reason why I like them so much.



N.H.F.S. comes straight outta da durty jerz. They write and record all of their music (except the covers). N.H.F.S. is:

Charlie Duckets - beatsmith / muppetface
Killchops - songbird / tough guy
The Jazz Bucket - fresh / too fresh
Dr. Dyokter - pony enthusiast / '97 ford taurus
Yung Aurelio - jargonman / grasshole

You can find their music at

Nice. Helpful. Friendly. Students.

ya'll buscuitheadz

Their music should be coming soon to Rising Artists Official Online Radio!


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