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DJ Zick Finland - Connected

DJ Zick Finland

Name: Andreas
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Country: Finland
State: Keski-Pohjanmaa
City: Kokkola
Genre: Hardtrance and Hardstyle
Label: Unsigned
DJ Zick a 18-year old male Finnish music producer from city Kokkola,in Keski-Pohjanmaa. The first track Magnacat was released at 03.07.2008. It's the first and only Melodic Trance song in thisproject. Other tracks goes more to harder trance and hardstyle.
One of the popularest remixes are the D-Devils 6th Gate (Dance WithThe Devil) and Gigi D'Agostino's L'Amour Toujours. They have beenplayed over 5000 times at YouTube and Mikseri.

The most loved track at YouTube: DJ Zick Vs. D-Devils - 6th Gate (Dance With The Devil)The most loved track at Mikseri: DJ Zick Vs. East Clubbers - Wonderful Dancing (DJ Zick Hardtrance Remix Edit)
The first unsigned album is already clear and there is 15 tracks and they are all playable at Last.FM, Mikseri and Youtube. He's already working on the second unsigned album named "Cosplay". The first 4 tracks are already done, and they are much more progressive and darker than ever!

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"I found DJ Zick on my similar artists radio and instantly fell in love. Extremely professional tracks and amazing sounds. Every time I listen to my similar artists radio on for DJ Geist13 I look forward to two things the most: Hearing one of my tracks, and hearing the latest DJ Zick track. Being a Melbourne Shuffler I LOVE dancing to DJ Zick's music." -Dave L. (Founder)


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