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Steph Marziano first got started in music taking drum lessons at the age of thirteen. Her high school music technology class helped her find her passion in recording and sound engineering. When Steph was sixteen she was accepted into the Drexel Music Industry summer program. She was taught by Philadelphia recording engineers, Jim Salamone and David Ivory. There she learned the essentials of recording and mixing. Now, Steph works as a freelance recording engineer, recording mostly rock and pop bands. She uses Logic, reason, and protools (essential software). She recently recorded Chris Simmons (winner of CHS idol) as a part of his 1st place prize. In addition to music, Steph records plays with a company called Aspire Arts ( In September she will be working with them to record the Hear Again Radio Project! Stay tuned for ticket information! At the moment, Steph is studying at NYU for their intensive two week music technology program. She is writing, recording and producing music from rock to jazz to hip hop. She is also the founder of a Record Company called "Run Like Hell Records".

To contact Steph and learn more about her music, email her at:


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