Saturday, February 20, 2010

DJ Takkei - Connected

DJ Takkei

Name: Justin Braithwaite
Artist Name: Dj Takkei
Artist Type: DJ & Producer
Main Genre: Trance & House


--Currently Dj Takkei is working mostly on his musical productions. He is learning more and more about the production field daily and plans on going to the Arts Institute of Austin to major in Audio Production. He produces his own music and attempts a remix here and there. It is hard to image that Dj Takkei is only 16 years of age.

Check out DJ Takkei's Music Here:



--"DJ Takkei contacted me one day without warning. Honestly though, this was a pleasant suprise. Between business and school it has proved very difficult to look for new artists to feature and help them out, let alone update the website. Listening to all of DJ Takkei tracks brought some new inspiration to my cause here at RAI. I started my DJ career at 16 and I am currently attending Rowan University for Audio Engineering and Radio/TV/Film. It sounds wierd to say I see myself in Dj Takkei. The main difference between us is the music we produce. When I listen to DJ Takkei's tracks in a row and feel like I am listening to a professionaly released trance album. When I listen to mine, I hear sparatic techno ideas and projects that spring randomly into my head. I feel as though DJ Takkei sees a larger image. I feel as though next time I walk into my favorite music store I'll find a DJ Takkei album right in front of the door." ~Dave L (Founder)


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