Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creatures of a Beautiful City - Connected


Location: LA

Main Genre: Alternative/Pop Rock

This local LA-area-based band has been working and writing their current catalog of music since late in 2007. The band was originally born from singer Bluu Williams vision from a previous project. Only guitarist Runn remained from the aforementioned project; through like interests, a deep-seeded passion to play, write music and an identical work ethic to what they invision, these two decided to "BE" the "band" and to pair themselves with other musicians. These musicians had to be highly skilled, creative and willing to take a chance in the writing process. Bluu and Runn decided in order to acheive this unique sound they were looking for and to keep their audiences excited and anticipating what will come next, they would bring in different musicians with diverse backgrounds. Each musician joined the group in hopes to break out of their shells from previous projects. This was the start of Creatures of A Beautiful City! Aptly named for the city in which they inhabit.Every musician involving themselves with CBC, do so from a deep hunger to create an experience that will heighten the listeners senses as well as their own. The only intention within their sound is to create a unique but comfortable balance from all the influences that surround them. The easiest way to "classify" their sound is to say that they can bring you to a different place. With the ever-present melody from Bluu's stunningly captivating voice; there is no mistake for their sound. Pair this with grooving bass lines and rhythmically challenging drumming, it brings the melody of the guitars in with full force as they push and pull the tonal balance of the band. Between heavy groove and free-form progressive rock, the band is able to create a distinct style all their own. Creatures of a Beautiful City is attempting to become a striving force in not just the local L.A. music scene, but is ready to share their love of music and experiences with the world.

"CBC produces some of the coolest rock songs I've heard out of LA, let alone the US for an Indie band. Not many bands today just play that classic rock style of music we all know and love. CBC also specializes in Alternative and Pop Rock. While every other band out there makes up some fancy new genre no one has ever heard of before, or claims to play a new style of music every gig. Thankfully, CBC calls it like it is: They ARE rock. It is hard to sit still and listen to their music at the same time, simply because your foot is tapping the whole time. I can only imagine what it would be like to see them in concert. A lot more then your foot would be moving I'm sure of that." --Dave (Founder of RAI)


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