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Joining Rising Artists International as a fellow artist instantly connects to you to a global network of musicians, fans, websites, and music industry guru's alike.  Whether you are just starting out, or trying to better establish your musical imprint on the world, RAI has a spot for you among our free, and premium promotional services.  Join RAI as an artist and reach thousands of listeners and fans daily.

Joining RAI as an artist is very easy.  Simply fill out the artist submission form located at the bottom of the website or in its dedicated post.

For more information on the benefits of joining RAI as an Artist please visit our "Benefits of Getting Connected" article.
Or for a detailed list of the promotional services we offer please visit the Promotions Package Details Post.

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Whether you are a music lover, an average listener, groupie, or you just happened to stumble upon RAI during your adventures across the internet there is something here for you.  Rising Artists offers tons of items such as free MP3 releases from connected artists, exclusive artist videos, advanced album releases, an inside look at the music industry, a unique link to the bands and artists you love, and a great place to find new music.

You can follow this website by doing so with the widget to the right or follow RAI's feed.  Rising Artists International also has a  E-Zine featuring exclusive articles, interviews and downloads.  To get engaged in the full RAI online community join us on ning for interactive discussions and chat with the bands.  Start your own blog or upload your own music videos or remixes.  The possibilities are endless!
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RAI is always looking for the next best thing the music industry has to offer.  If your forte is writing about music instead of playing an instrument then joining RAI's blog network is the right path for you.  RAI is working with bloggers, and writers around the world to help give musical artists their big break.  Joining RAI's blog network is a great oppertunity for you and your website to recieve some extra traffic.  And at the same time you help us realize our goal for helping artist make their musical dreams reality.  To learn more about the network and to sign up please visit the article on "Joining the Network".

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Anonymous April 21, 2010 at 9:16 AM  

ok so i have now been trying to join this service for over half an hour, all i do is fill out form after form (same ones all the time) and am getting nowhere. all i want to do is post up a tune, is it so difficult. dont think we are off to a good start. is anyone gonna tell me how to post a tune?

RAI Founder April 24, 2010 at 2:40 PM  

RAI doesn't just give you a place to post your music, we will soon, but at the moment nothing is automated. I do everything by hand. What is your band name, I will discuss things farther on Email.

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