Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Rising Artists International is host to a large network of blogs, websites, and writers known as RAI's Global Network. The network works by connecting each website or blog to one or more of 10 blogs maintained by RAI, each acts as its own network. These ten networks act as a place for all of the blogs linked to it to get noticed and recieve new traffic.  The networks are mostly organized by genre.  The ten networks in which you may get connected with are as follows:

  • The Producer's Network - for sites about producing music, and being a music producer
  • The Pop Network - for everything pop music
  • The Electronic Network - from fruity loops to turntables if it uses electrons this network is for you
  • The HipHop Network - join this network to show the world what true hiphop is
  • The Indie Network - if its independent then it can be found here
  • The Rock Network - for everything rock
  • The Punk Network - if its punk its here
  • The Country Network - find the best in new country here
  • The Acoustic Network - no electrons please
  • The Industry - for what's new industry secrets and tips
In order to join RAI's Global Network you must first fill out and submit the below form.  It should take no more then 5 minutes of your time.  But before submitting the form, be sure to read our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

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