Friday, December 25, 2009

About RAI

About RAI and its creator:

Hello, my name is Dave Leek and I started Rising Artists initially as a group back in June 2009 created to give new artists to a chance to quickly get related artists and their own radio station so they could get more exposure from radio plays.  Not a week went by since creating the group on RAI grew into a blog dedicated to finding and writting about upcomming artists.  I vigorously searched websites like EIY, Myspace, and PureVolume.  I have always loved music since before I could walk so searching for new bands and artists was no chore.  Since summer of 2006 I have been working to promote my own music, and have been actively involved with numerous local bands in my area.  I have always wanted to help out fellow musicians and RAI gives me a chance to that on a global scale.

RAI started with 11 artists on a group and has grown to be the largest free music promotions company in the world in only 9 months.  And we are still growing, adding new artists weekly and adding new fans by the hour!

Here is what RAI has in store for the future:

-RAI Records coming soon!  RAI will not only be the leading promotion company on the market we are also planning on being the leading record label for up and comming artists!  Expected Release: 2016

-RAI Presents It's Best of Sampler Album.  Artists will have the chance to earn real money and exposure through RAI's yearly Album featuring the best tracks from connected artists in their specific genres.  An album will be released each year for Electronic, HipHop, Acoustic, and Rock.  Expected Release: 2016

-RAI's Radio.  RAI will soon hit the air waves playing the top 20 and the best from RAI connected artists.  We'll featured interviews with special guests and exclusive tracks and remixes.  Expected Release: 2018

-RAI official website/domain.  While blogger is all well and good, RAI will need a full on website soon.  The new website will allow fans and artists to sign in, post things on their profile, sell songs, advertise events, interactive forums and MUCH MORE.  Expected Release: 2014

-More dreams are added weekly!

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