Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Nasty - Connected

- Sweet Nasty
- Band
- Main Genre:  Rock / Funky Americana
- Website:

Bio / Description:

- Sweet Nasty formed in the Fall of 2007. The All-Star Lineup quickly made a move on the scene with the release of their debut EP, 'Bread, Wine and Circus'. They were featured on AZTV and NPR radio immediately. The bands' original style of Funky Americana has proven a to be an influence. When asked about the band name and album title Anthony said in an interview with AZ WEEKLY, " the band name came from a conversation Johnny an I had over our favorite kind of music. We agreed it was those SWEET ballads that just rip your heart out and those NASTY grooves that get ya movin that truely inspire us. As far as the EP title, it came from the old Greek "Bread and Circus" philosophy; that if you keep the people over fed and over entertained, they wont revolt. I truley feel its a sign of the times we are in now." The band is currently working on their first full length recording titled, 'LIFE ON FIRE', with a Summer 2010 release date. "MOJO DEVILS CLAW" DIRECTED BY: IRON DUKE PRODUCTIONS featuring TAMELA TURTLE & PYROKLECTIC

RAI Review:

"Normally when I review an artist for connection through RAI I visit the website, read what other people have said, and listen to about 2 to 3 tracks.  Normally one track will stand out and I will listen to it again and write my review based off that.  Granted, after the review is on RAI's website I'll visit the artists website again and listen to all of their music to help me work with the artist on further promotional services.  However, Sweet Nasty came along and ruined my process.  I found myself sitting by my laptop for an hour and half listening to their music.  While Sweet Nasty caught my attention within the first 5 seconds of song, I listened to their featured playlist 4 times before realizing I had a review to write.  From great lyrics to a funky drumline of almost perfect proportions Sweet Nasty has it all.  To anyone that enjoys great music and good time I recommend Sweey Nasty to you!"


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