Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Halofobic - Connected

- Halofobic
- DJ, Producer, Recording Artist, Lyricist
- Main Genre: Dubstep
- Website:

Bio / Description:

- Halofobic is a dub-step/drum and bass fusion based from Virginia.

Halofobic draws his inspirations from variety of cultures and countries, as well as different music genders to deliver a unique musical composition.
RAI Review:
"This review is a little biased.  Alright, I'll be honest... REALLY biased.  I love dubstep!  Halofobic is definitley my favorite dubstep artist.  His tracks feature the stereotypical wobbles and wowwows while holding a huge amount of culture routed deep inside.  Some tracks I would classify as easy listening dubstep.  And most dubstep songs can barely be called music...  I love the Eastern influence in Halofobics songs.  It is almost soothing to listen to them.  While at the very same your body is rocking to the heavy bass kick and wobbles.  Awesome!"


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