Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keezy19 - Connected

- Keezy19
- Producer, Singer
- Main Genre: R&B / HipHop
- Website: http://www.myspace.com/keezy19official

Bio / Description

- Clifton Thomas Corbin (born December 30, 1988) better know by his stage name Keezy19 is multi-talented. This singer, songwritter, dancer, and producer has been into music since he was able to understand the true meaning of it. Keezy always says that its not what you do but how you do it. Influenced by the likes of such greats as Michael Jackson, Usher, James Brown, Fred Astaire, Omarion, ect, Keezy began studying stage shows, and music, and at the age of 10, began writting songs, and making music beats. Before singing and producing though, Keezy\'s first musical love was the drums. He often played at different churches, and gospel groups. His singing talent was discovered in 2005 by his mother one night while he was playing the piano. He began performing since then in numerous shows, and even landed a gig to go on tour with a small time circus in 2006. By then his myspace page had begun recieving numerous fans. Today Keezy19 has been through ups and downs, and a few tragic happenings. He says that through it all, it has made him stronger, and hopes to be an inspiration to youngsters that might have been through what he has if not more. He loves entertaining, and inspiring people to look toward the future, and realize that anything is possible with God, and believing within yourself. With his Myspace, Youtube, and upcoming website, he strives to be one of the best in the music industry. His debut album entitled \"My Story\" is due out in 2010. For everything Keezy19, visit www.youtube.com/keezy19, www.myspace.com/keezy19official, and coming soon http://www.keezy19musiconline.com/.

RAI Review:

"Songs the TB-808 can finally be proud of.  Keezy19's song are made for the 808.  The beat, melody and lyrics are smooth, and then the sub woofer steps in and says... BOOOOM.  I love the 808.  Keezy19 produces some really hot hiphop beats that I can listen to for hours.  Now I just wanna pop his CD into my Impala SS and blast the bass while I drive around.  Ooo so good!"


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