Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sonic Phantasm Sound Production and Manipulation - Connected

- Sonic Phantasm Sound Production and Manipulation
- Producer, Record Label, Recording Studio, Record Company
- Main Genre: Electronica

Bio / Description:

- Sonic Phantasm produces electronica, electro, trance, house, progressive, dub, and hip hop hybrid music, orchestral, and film scores. We also provide customized courses for aspiring artists, producers, and audio engineers.

South Florida's musical undercurrent starts here.
We create custom arrangements, hooks, motifs, melodies, textures, drum beats, instrumentals, and lyrics, and can produce in part or from the ground up by recording, producing, mixing, remixing, effecting, and mastering.

RAI Review:

"An interesting electronic producing house from Florida.  With a focus on electronic music and a hint of experimental flavor in every track their songs are like nothing even heard before.  Sonic Phantasm offers a wide variety of services for electronic artists including custom arrangements, recordings, and mixing services.  This is a one stop mad house for electronic producers in the Florida area.  They also offer production classes, which is great for those who want professional insight on how to make a hot track."

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