Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reverie In Me - Connected

- Nikki Sherman / Reverie In Me
- Band, Band Member, Singer, Lyricist
- Main Genre: Acoustic
- Website:
Bio / Description:

Reverie In Me (made up of singer-songwriter Nikki Sherman and her guitar) is a San Diego based musician. After loving music for her whole life, she decided it was time to make love with the music as well, and Reverie In Me was born.
In the beginning, RIM was heavily influenced by artists like Elliott Smith, Kimya Dawson, Nick Drake, and Iron and Wine. Since then the guitar has become a little louder and the vocals a little clearer, though never losing the dual-harmonizing birth (d)effect.
Though the music is instrumentally simple, the lyrics are laced with intricacy. It has been suggested that a close, intimate listen involving headphones and a quiet room be the optimal setting.

RAI Review:

"While only having a small group of loyal fans, they all love her and her music deeply. Between the first 5 seconds of listening to her track 'The Man Who Burned In Hell' and the next 3 times I listened to it I became a fan myself. The quality and depth of Reverie In Me's songs are above top notch. The guitar and dual vocal parts are excellent! Reverie In Me claims that listening with headphones in a quiet room is the optimal setting for her music. I was surprised to find that this was more then true. However, I found that listening to Reverie In Me sounds perfect on a picnic table outside on a sunny day. "
-David Leek (RAI Founder)


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