Monday, March 22, 2010

The Month Ahead

I apologize for not warning everyone about my self awarded Spring Break from RAI.  But I am happy to be getting back to work.  The month of April is going to be a busy one.  Rising Artists International has over 20 new musical artists ready for connection over the coming days.  From electronic to rock and acoustic melodies we will be bringing the best of it all!  Some of the upcomming artists include:

  • Sylvain Piquette
  • Tommy Lee Harroun (tHe3ofMe)
  • DADO
  • Sleepy
  • Halofobic
  • Ross Bennett
  • Keezy19
  • Sonic Phantasm Sound Production and Manipulation
  • Tiddy
  • Eggs Fubar
  • And that's just to name a few!
What Else?

RAI's download and videos section will be getting an overhaul with up-to-date tracks from connected artists.  Along with the new and improved download section coming this April RAI will also be featuring an in-site music player featuring the best of RAI.

Don't forget that RAI can help you sell your tracks thanks to's pair up with Blogger!  Just shoot RAI an E-Mail with the name of the albums and songs you have on Amazon and we'll add them to your featured article and our online store.

RAI sponsered Music Production Online Lessons.  That's right!!  For all those new music producer's out there RAI is sponsering the construction of GeistTutorials.  GeistTutorials expected release is scheduled for Mid Summer 2010.  GeistTutorials will have a HUGE database of over 400 videos of Fruity Loop Studios 8/9, Reason 4, Albeton, and Audacity Tutorials.  Including production tip videos out of a real music studio.

There is a lot going on in April so stay tuned to RAI for latest in New Artists and Music!


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