Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ross Bennett - Connected

- Ross Bennett
- Band, Band Member, Recording Artist, Singer, Lyricist
- Main Genre: Acoustic
- Website: http://www.myspace.com/rossbennettmusic

Bio / Description:

- I am a young singer/songwriter from the UK, singing simple, honest music. I write music that sounds good rather than is technically difficult. All of my songs contain meanings and messsages and I hope you can identify with what I'm trying to say.

RAI Review:

"Simple songs with great feeling.  Clean vocals and skills on the guitar.   I picture Ross Bennett playing infront of a crowd of a few thousand girls yelling for him to take off his shirt or throw his beanie to the crowd.  Listen closely to his music and you will find subtle tweaks in the audio, from a slight echo, or small touch of reverb that really makes the track.  A true acoustic artist: Ross Bennett."


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