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- Veszelka kommandó
- Band
- Folk / Rock
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Bio / Description:

- This is what happens when a punk, a rocker, a metalhead, a folk musician, a classical musician, smartguy and little prince unite.

The band “Veszelka Kommandó” has been formed by ex-musicians of Narco Polo, a band established in 1995. The singer of “Veszelka Kommandó”, Flóra Herczeg gained nationwide popularity in 2008, as the performer of one of the leading roles (Réka) in the 25th anniversary remake of the rock opera “Stephen the King”. The classical rock formation is combined with percussions such as derbuka, djembe, kettle-drum, timbales, ütőgardon), violin, viola, shepherd’s pipe, clarinet and bagpipe; spreading their message on the wings of world music, uniquely using the language of rock, pop, reggae or ska. They are utilizing the unique folk music treasures of the Carpathian-Basin, reshaping and adapting them to the ears of the 21st century, thus helping and enabling the audience to find their way back to their own musical roots. Their repertory includes everything from dancy floor-shaking-ear-tickling songs, to the almost-teary lyrical ones; prepare yourselves for a dynamic, blazing and passionate concert experience. All songs can be rooted back to Hungarian folk music, combined with their own lyrics and tunes. The tracks are born on the basis of individual ideas, but are finalized collectively.
RAI Review:
"Language is no barrier to good music and Veszelka kommandó is the perfect example.  Veszelka kommandó is fun to listen to and creates a very upbeat listening environment.  They present a unique blend of Hungarian folk music and rock.  They are just so easy to listen to and it is great music."


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