Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Way to Get Paid to Keep RAI Free

Currently there are over 60 artists connected to Rising Artists International and that number is growing by an average of two a day.  It takes a lot to keep our promotional services free.  And here is how you can help:

InboxDollars has JUST released a new way to earn cash online, and they make it easier then ever.  They connect your InboxDollars account with your facebook account.  With the help of InboxDollars you can now come very close to making a real income online for the price of reading a few Emails.  They are by far the most impressive and best online money making website to date.

- How does it help RAI if I make money online from InboxDollars?

Simple, follow the link to sign up as an RAI referral.  RAI will recieve %10 of the profit you make while there is no change on the amount you would normally make.  If you take a 5 minute survey for the reward of $0.50 RAI will recieve $0.05.  YOU STILL RECEIVE $0.50.  WOW $0.05, that is totally going to pay for the expenses of a full working company.  Well infact, it is.  As more people join as an RAI referral RAI has more potential to earn cash.

- What does RAI do with the money I make?

It goes to Album production costs, web hosting, advertising for bands, online storage.  And some is being saved for the creation of a music studio for RAI connected artists to use for free!  That's right!  Free Studio time.

So if you want to start making some real money online and help out the fastest growing promotions company on the web.  Join InboxDollars today!  For joining as an RAI referral you get an automatic $5.00 reward.

Just want to donate?  You can do that too thanks you PayPal!


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