Monday, April 19, 2010

New Artist Application Method (Effective May 10th)

Due to the large amount of submissions RAI has been recieving we will be making the application process a little more streamlined for the future.  Changes will not take effect until May 10th but below is the basic outline of what those changes will be.

In order to recieve promotional services from RAI the artist will need:

-To upload at least one track to RAI for free download to fans and for use on the featured article
-A ReverbNation account to possible addition to our websites music player
-A account for possible addition to our online Radio
-To upload a picture to RAI for use in the featured article
-A Twitter account for addition to RAI's list of artists.

RAI has applied for the Pepsi Refresh Project to recieve a grant of $5,000.  If we get accepted into the voting round and if we win the grant RAI will be recieving a fully operational website, instead of this super powered blog page.  If we win the grant expect the new website to be released by December of 2010.  Upon openning the new website the application requirements may change again.

A post will be made once voting starts so please help RAI out and vote for our idea on the Pepsi Refresh Project.  Comming Soon.

Thank You


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