Friday, April 16, 2010

Ryan Pugal - Connected

- Ryan Pugal
- DJ, Promoter, Recording Artist, Singer
- Main Genre: Pop
- Website:

Bio / Description:

- Ryan Pugal Is a Emcee, Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer & Entrepreneur. Who became a Instant Indie Success after competing against thousand's of hopeful's In 2007 on the very first season of the national talent competition 'Famecast', where viewers worldwide voted him where he earned a spot as one of the top five finalist's and competed in the finals in Austin, TX where he won the 'Overall Best Artist Promotion Award' and placed in fourth. Since then Ryan has toured and performed all over the US mainland, released two indie album's and featured on the 'Radio Now Vol8 compilation cd' which was promoted in Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia and parts of the US. Ryan Pugal has been labeled as 'Acheiving Virtual Fame and Success Online' throughout the internet with over 40,000 plus digital download sales of his music sold worldwide.

RAI Review:

"Great beats, greats melodies, great voice, and a great entertainer!  I would love to see this guy in concert!  This guy has it all.  And I just want to say, I LOVE this album art!  It's crazy.  Ryan Pugal is profressional on a whole new level.  Whether I am listening to one of his slower songs or one of his faster pop songs I find myself bobbing my head and tapping my foot to this amazing music.  Ryan Pugal is the full package!" Related Products:


RICHYRICH April 26, 2010 at 12:50 AM  

WOW! We freaked out when we read this article that you posted RAI! Thanks so much! I actually did the graphics! :) Much love from hawaii!


RAI Founder April 26, 2010 at 10:04 AM  

Proud to have helped. Hopefully by next month I'll be able to give you a little more then a blog post! We'll keep in touch.

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