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Tight Moe - Connected

- Tight Moe
- Recording Artist
- Main Genre: HipHop
- Website:

Bio / Description:

- A man is ultimately defined by the works he has done and what lies within his heart. I was born in Louisiana and raised on the backroads of Glenmora and city streets of Alexandria, while every summer running the back alleys of Gary, Indiana. I am of young age and determined to make a better situation for my family and community. I am also pursuing a degree in medicine. I hope to have a bachelor's degree in biology by this June. Even though I have other ventures at hand; music is what lies within my heart. It is what drives me and soothes my soul. I have been blessed with an incredible talent so it is up to me to let the world know.

I have goals of becoming not just a musical icon, but a leader among my people. Music is a gift along with life,therefore; we must treat it as such. I want to be able to uplift my family and my people and restore back what is rightfully ours. We live among poverty, but we are destined to inherit wealth.

It is my goal to take over every radio station and every club scene. I want Tight Moe to be a household name along with Dreamland. Dreamland is not about dreaming, but making attainable some things you never thought possible. I inherited the world and all its splendor from GOD; so I am simply going after what is mine. We have a slogan where we simply do the same thing everyday; TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
I will accomplish this feat by putting GOD first and grinding. I have a wonderful management team along with a diligent promotional group. Everyone is dedicated with the purpose of succeeding.

WARNING: Explicit Content!  Awesome Track but explicit!

RAI Review:

"I could bounce to this.  I new Tight Moe was good when my friends walked in the room and asked who i was listening to and where could they get the track.  Tight Moe's music is HOT!"


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