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MixMasterCash - Connected

- MixMasterCast
- DJ, Music Supervisor, Producer, Promoter, Recording Studio, Recording Artist
- Main Genre: HIP-HOP / RAP
- http://www.myspace.com/mixmastercash

Bio / Description:

- Imagine walking into a house party in Carson on a hot summer Saturday night, to see a DJ set up on an ironing board rocking the spot, with the house stereo and a bass bottom. Who would have thought ten years later, that same DJ would come from behind the turntables and rocks the hottest night clubs throughout Los Angeles. He can paint a picture with words over drums and bass, like the storyteller Slick Rick. His style is out of the box and animated like Ludacris & OutKast. He is confident, popular, bold, creative, yet misunderstood like Lil Wayne & Kanye West. This multi-talented underground artist shaking up L.A like an earthquake, goes by the name of MIXMASTERCASH.
“MIXMASTERCASH is one of the hottest upcoming artist from the L.A. area. You can always expect high energy when he hits the stage. The sky is the limit for him” says DJ of Star Strucc Entertainment. MIXMASTERCASH has performed throughout Southern California at venues like; The Key Club, Club Cohiba, The Terrace club, Club Vice, The Copa Cabana club, The Rhythm Lounge, 4Wheels Auto Parts car show, South West Los Angeles College, El Camino College etc.
Despite growing up in L.A MIXMASTERCASH refuse to be another “gang-banging, dope slanging, pimped out” statistic. His act is a combination of “Jerkin” meets “Rockstar” to make “Ghettotech” music. In his latest singles “GET A JOB” MIXMASTERCASH has listeners and party goers chanting “standing by the bar with my E.B.T card.” Most critics didn’t take his music serious, until he released his controversial mixtape track “CATCH 22” which expressed his frustrations with the government & the way of life, for disadvantage minorities in America. This earned him street credit & even stronger fan following. “He has the ability to capture the crowd, and take home more fans than he came in with” says Angel of AZ MUSIC Entertainment.
While some artist record in a major label studios to cut a demo, he did it in his grandmothers garage using D.J equipment, a low-budget beat machine and a live CD burner. Regardless of producing & promoting his own club bangers, he has teamed up with J.HOU productions to work on a full length album, due for release in the summer of 2010. Collaborating with various artist like L.A’s finest ROW, A.Y entertainments L.A.X & Bless Beats, Knobious Entertainment’s DJ MikeCage & Dreshot. “GOD willing, my mission is to make good music for the universe to listen & feel. I want astronauts & aliens pressing play on my songs in outer space until the end of time” says MIXMASTERCASH. In 2010 MIXMASTERCASH predicts to change the world of HIP-HOP as we know it. I think its safe to say MIXMASTERCASH is money in the bank for whomever works with him.
RAI Review:
"MixMasterCash is not just a HipHop artist, he is a showman.  Just watch his videos and picture yourself in the audience.  He does not let you sit still.  He actively enganges the audience and lets you know he's Boss!  His beats are hot and his style is hotter.  MixMasterCash knows where it's at."
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