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RAI Asks: What are your musical goals?

- I have a few goals.

Right now I'm working towards a new idea on music theory, it's taking the approach to ordering the Music Modes in the circle of fifths. I have a few things to work with and would like to write a book on the Language of Music. I also have the goal of developing a digital album and a piano album,

I have yet to develop more music with the guitar. My main goal currently is to get into a school of music to focus on music composition and develop the skills I need to write a symphony. In order to write a symphony I'll have to learn to write comfortably for all the instruments (which I've been studying). So, more than likely I'll have more music for the strings written, and I have a great source for learning contemporary methods of writing for the wind ensemble. I think in the long run I'd like to write symphonies for a living, and build an educational business around music composition. The business would provide a way for students who have a gift in music and really want a way to get going with music and need a stepping stone to get into a college or conservatory, a way to get their music out there to different colleges. But, currently those are my goals. I'll order them below.

1) School
2) getting my pieces onto sheet music
3) writing out a digital and piano album of my work
4) write a symphony when graduated from college (I'd like to go through Berklee's music composition program).
5) write a book on the Language of Music and start a business for teaching music composition.
RAI Review:
"An extremely talented pianist with enough heart to fill an orchestra chamber.  Make that all the orchestra chambers in the United States.  I see Studebaker becoming the next big name composer.  It is about time someone knocks off the dead guys.  Let's make room for someone alive and kicking!"


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