Friday, April 16, 2010

The Secret System - Connected

- The Secret System
- Band
- Main Genre: Rock
- Website:

Bio / Description:

- the Secret System is an all original band from the Lehigh Valley, PA. There style of music includes a unique blend of classic and modern rock. The music and lyrics are intelligently written with a hybrid sound in an accessible package. The Secret System was formed in 2007 and produced their first, self titled debut, in 2009. Members include Scott Reese (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards), Leo Kline III (Drums), Rich Eckhart (Bass, Backing Vocals), Dave Berry (Guitar, Backing Vocals).

RAI Review:

"the Secret System may have blown my favorite RAI artist out of the water!  These guys are great!  Their song The Secret System was amazing.  The openning started out a bit odd but I held in there and boy was I rewarded.  The guitar was so crisp and it simply made the track great!  I see these guys getting big!  Really Big!"


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