Monday, June 21, 2010

Keith Andrew Small - Connected

- Keith Andrew Small
- Artist Type: Producer, Recording Artist, Singer, Lyricsit
- Main Genre: Acoustic Rock
- Main Website:

Bio / Description:

- I have been a member in 12 different bands over the space of about 15 years and have gigged the UK top to bottom. My musical experiences have included working with Miles Hunt of the Wonderstuff and playing venues such as Ronnie Scott’s and the London Astoria. I write my own music and lyrics, sing lead and backing vocals, play acoustic 6 & 12 string, electric lead and rhythm, bass, and keyboards and piano as well as producing and mixing. During my career I have been involved in creating a wide spectrum of music genres from Rock, Indie, Pop, heavy metal to relaxation music and instrumentals (Feel good/Romantic/Powerful/Emotional) etc. However, the closest to my heart is creating acoustic based songs. I currently have a running website to promote my music world wide. I am looking to move into the music industry on a full time basis as this is where I wish to pursue my full time career.

RAI Review:

"Purely great music.  From the voice to the smooth guitar melodies Keith Andrew Small is an amazing preformer.  Every sound is mixed perfectly and the lyrics can speak to everyone.  Keith Andrew Small has  transformed a techno jonkey and got me hooked on acoustic rock!"

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