Friday, June 18, 2010

An apology

I would like to apologize to all of the connected artists of RAI and those that have been waiting patiently for the last few months to get connected.  My life has been a bit crazy in the aspect of finding time to actually work.  Rising Artists at the moment isn't a real job, but a hobby that I have fallen in love with.  It has been my dream now since last June to make RAI one of the top promotions company in the world.  And now is time for that to happen.  No more broken deadlines, and no more weekly dry spells on blog posts.

While I have been slacking on the business end of the stick, I have more then made up for in the planning ahead end of it.  In the might be near future RAI will open up a customizable merchandise shop for connected artists.  Every band needs its merch!  In the coming weeks also expect frequent twitter updates with awesome little links to free downloads and inside secrets, and even some exclusive artist interviews.  Expect a bi-weekly update for the "Artist Survival Guide" and a new artist every week!  RAI will even offer free account creation for popular music websites like ReverbNation and

This is going to be an exciting rest of forever.  So get ready and hold on!

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