Saturday, May 1, 2010

Voting is OPEN! Let's Refresh the Music Industry!

It is time the music industry got a face lift.  It is time we move away from big name Labels and focus more on the artists that truely make the difference in the world and music industry.  It is time that more artists get recognized for the music they play and the message they send instead of whether or not they take their clothes off on stage.

I dream of creating a company to act not only as a promotions company for hard works bands and musical artists but also as a record label, a music management agency, and a friend.  I dream of creating a company that not only helps give musical artists a boost in the industry but truely cares about the artists integrity and purpose.

So let's change things for the better, let's make a difference in the world of music and enable all great artists to get noticed.  Instead of hide behind a wall of only a few myspace friends.  This is our chance, so let's make a difference!


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