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How You Can Help

RAI offers tons of services for artists and bands, all for free.  However, these services do cost RAI money, and eventually, without donations one by one more and more services will be forced to move to premium only.  If you want to help keep RAI's services free follow the icon to the right to donate any amount to RAI.

Refer An Artist
While money is always nice, RAI was not created as a way to make money.  RAI was created to help artist reach their musical goals and dreams without scamming them out of every penny they have.  This is why so many of our services are completely free of charge.  If you know a band, inde artist, or multiple of either refer them to RAI using our Artist Referral Form.

Write a Review about RAI
If you manage a blog of your own feel free to write a review of RAI for your readers.  The backlink and exposure RAI will recieve from your review will benefit us in such a way greater then any amount of cash can.A genuine and honest opinion of RAI goes a long way for us.  We greatly appriciate any feedback and/or exposure we recieve.  Every time you share your experience here with friends or fans, you help RAI realize and reach its goals for the future.  If you write a review or article about RAI for your blog, RAI will gladly write one in return so both websites will benefit.  Send a link of your article to .

Write a Review for RAI
We recieve a multitude of applicants weekly for new artists wanting to be featured on RAI and RAI's global network.  At the moment, no legitimate artist is turned away from our's promotional services.  However, due to the huge load of work each new artist brings it may takes weeks, and sometimes even months to fully activate all of the services we offer here.  This is why RAI gives you the chance to write a review for your favorite band and have it published here on our website.  You may also write a review for an artist already connected to RAI.  Please send all reviews to with the subject "Outsider Review - (Artist Name Here)".

Send us Suggestions
RAI is always looking to improve.  From new services, to grammatical errors on the site, feel free to send all suggestions and feedback to with the subject "Feedback and Suggestions".  Every piece of feedback is greatly appriciated.

Spread the Word
If you really want to help Rising Artists International and the artist connected to us the best way to go about doing so, is to spread the word.  Whether on facebook, stumbleUpon, Twitter, or word of mouth telling people about RAI will help us to no ends.  We would not be a very effective promotions company if no one knew about us.  Search engines and profiles can only take us so far.  We need your help in letting the world know about us.  We are the only music promotions company to offer high quality FREE promotional services to artists of all genres.  We work for the artists, not for ourselves.  Here at RAI the artist comes first.  Help us reach the largest audience possible.

Follow Us
For quickest updates, and latest news, Follow Us.  Below is a list of all the places on the interwebs you can find RAI.  Follow RAI, and share it with your friends.  The more followers we have the more we can do for you and our connected artists.

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